what is event blogging

What is event blogging

what is event blogging

what is event blogging and how to use event blogging

I am going to tell you what event blogging is and how we make money about it in event detail about blogging.

What is the meaning of an event? Event means a festival, any festival that comes in our India, Holi, Diwali, Eid, etc.

 So these are the things we call event blogging, now how can we do event blogging and how can we earn millions of rupees from it.

Read this post completely and in this post, I am going to tell you the complete details of how you can do event blogging and how to make money and how I have earned millions of rupees.

For event blocking, first of all, you should have a website and if you do not have that website then you guys will get a domino from Goradih to purchase a domina and after taking domina you see how to take domina. I am telling you

what is the event and Target festival

What is event blogging

 What do you want to target which festival you want, not for your blogging, who is going to celebrate Holi, then you will praise Holi, then you should purchase a domain related to Holi i.e. Happy Holi.com If you can find a good friend, then you can customize it by going to blogger and custom domain and from there you have to upload a team on it.

 After uploading them, you have to customize it properly, like you have to create all the pages. Contact About Privacy Policy. You have to make 4 to 5 pages. Terms and Conditions About

 Then comes the matter, how do you earn money, see if you have the approval or no approval of Adsense, then you people will have to do some work, first of all, it is very difficult to take approval on event blogging. You can approve by telling me a trick

What you have to do is that you have to write a post of at least 1000 words on some blocks, you have to write at least 15 posts, after that you should come on it daily for at least 100 hrs or else if you have 500 liters only 500 visiter lifetime then you apply for Adsense and you will get hundred percent approval

Now as we have understood that we have got approval, you have to work hard for at least 1 month, only then you will get the approval which you have, after getting approval, you do not have to add it to AdSense from 2 to 3 days.

 Right now we have the approval website too, now what we have to do next, what we have to do now is that you guys like if someone is coming for Holi, then we have created a website on Holi, so now we will make a script on it

 If you do not know how to make a script, then you people have to search on YouTube, then the script will come before you and you people have to copy the script.

 After copying, you will go to your blogger and after going to the blogger, you will see the theme option at the bottom, then you will go to the option, after going to option, you have to go to the bottom.

 There you will see the coding of the HTML, you have to click there and you have to cut the thing in it and go and paste the script you copied there.

 After doing the test, you have to save it and after saving, you have to block it, then you will come in front of some script of Holi and I am telling you how to make that script viral, read the full post in it. Gonna tell full detail

 Let me tell you 3 ways to go viral

 The best and best way to do hair is to see WhatsApp, now how to go viral from WhatsApp, I am telling you that you have read the post or else you people will think that I will do it first or not you have to go to the page or Google But search is to add at least 300 to 400 WhatsApp groups to WhatsApp group

 After that as the Holi is about to start from the 15th, then you start sending messages to the subgroup from the 1st, what will happen to that message that your people have, the store will be in advance and as soon as the 15th If the day comes, then the 1 day that already from that night, they will start forwarding your message and on the same day your traffic will go into the millions.

 Friends, this is my way, how do we warrant live, so you guys also watch the other trick carefully.

 The second truck is Bay Cleaned Father has made a post about how to make a blacklist, click on it and read that post.

 The third way is the best way and the public way is through which you can bring up to 5 million news stories within 1 day. The best way is the right way. You have to open Facebook and make you Facebook with the same name, after making it the name of your website, you have to go to Facebook and search Holi groups and many more Rup You can add and lots GROUP
 You can add

 After adding the groups, you need to share every post that you want to share within five-five minutes, why Facebook will close the page which is yours, Delhi will give you two to three posts from the 1st If you put two posts in Delhi, then you have to add at least 200 to 250 groups, after that you will be able to get good traffic.

What I have told you that was a personal trick, you can go and see it, try the whole tree with guarantee, 1m will come in your daily and you will be able to earn a lot of money.

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