what is SEO

  • what is SEO

what is SEO / Search Engine Optimization

SEO is full form Search Engine Optimization SEO is an important work
If we do not implement this on our website, then our site will never be ranked, the future of SEO will become more important and more if you SEO.
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What is seo


what is on pages SEO


on-pages SEO is simple SEO, but if you do not seo on pages, the site will never be ranked, in on-page so you have to link a high authority site to your website.

On pages seo, you have to write the post in a good way and the heading and matching also in a good way.
Have to write

What is seo

Put 3 to 4 images on the on pages SEO and

Focus keyword is created by creating a focus keyword

what is focus keyword

What is a focus keyword called focus keyword
What does it mean

Out of the topic on which you are writing a post, which is the title of the post and the one we are giving in the headings repeatedly, we call it the focus keyword.

We have a link to any post inside our website, it is called a seo and if you are giving a good side link inside your website, then it is very helpful for our website. Wanted to tell that this important thing happens for on seo

The seo of the image comes in the on pages, if you put any image inside your post, then it has the url and title of your website, it is your post, everything you have to do best in that post, everything you have to become the URL And you have to seo the image in a good way so that if someone does a search on Google, then people can come to your side through your image, then the main thing is that of the image seo which would be very good which image As soon as possible, the image gets ranked quickly from our website, so you people who learn to run the image correctly and within the image, you give title tag discussion well.

what is off pages seo


OFF PAGES SEO is more important for our website, if we do not seo off pages, then our website which is 50% will not rank because the best ways to rank are only from off page seo. It is that the external links that we take inside our website and give out our links which are outside, this is the work outside of giving off pages which are to be shared on social media or there should be lots of links here and there. F Bringing you have to kind of put his penis in every social media and enter your link within a website called the of pages seo us we will tell you

What is seo

The first thing is to share that you go and paste your website on all social media sites, share it with everyone, Facebook, Instagram and all others, go to social media platforms and paste the link of your website there so that your higher rank Ho

The other way how backlines is created is in the off pages seo, that is you go to any website and at the bottom there will be a contact or option of any image or message that you have, to write the message, then you link your website there If you give it, then in a simple way you will get a good backlines list from there but if you want to see that it is a website that is not banned and a good website, then go to comment Do not comment on the useless website, so that the rank of your website can fall and your website can also be closed, then you first check whether the website is good or worthless and whether to comment or not to check it. To do this, you can use any tool, ahref or keyword research, how much is its rank and so on, you can check what is from here.

What is seo

Which is the most powerful backlines. If you get the best backlines with this, then your website will rank as quickly as possible. What happens is very quickly, then you guys do any website and there will be the option of gauss post, then you gauss. You can take backlines for your website by posting, what you need to do is write the entire post and give a link to your website in it, then that link is what you have in very good backlines. Lata and this is the best way to post gas that a lot of people cannot find, but many people have to go to Google simply about this, gauss posting then you will get a lot of websites there and you can post a post and now give your link inside the post and you can write the post by going inside a good website so that you get maximum benefit.

Now comes, what happens in the profile backlines, what is the meaning of Ray’s profile, go to any website, sign up there and your user name password ID is your sign up and at that place, you can use your website If you give a link, then it is a profile backline in a simple way, it is very easy to create profile backlines, you can go to YouTube and watch the video and I am giving you a link to this video. Take a look at the video by Lick

If you have money, if you can invest money, then you go to direct fiber and there you will get the best backlines, that too cheap.

If you take backlines at a cheaper price and from there, you can also rank your website within a few days and this is what big people do, who have a lot of money inside blogging, then those people This is what is done and this is the perfect way

Another new way about which many people do not know is that to put the link of your website in his website and to put the link of his website in your website, for this you need to remember your friends and know the friend’s website. A friend’s article has to be given inside your website and a link to your website has to be given inside your friend, you have to do this and in this way, you can see it. Write your name in someone else’s website and make that website your website

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